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I'm Amber, I'm a trans woman living and working in Dublin, as a software developer for a video game studio that shall remain unnamed.

I run the instance, @ me if you have any thoughts/opinions/concerns/requests about the instance, or have any questions about how the Fediverse do, I'll do my best to help out.

Expect lots of toots about , and my / experience. Also lots and lots of selfies.

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they should be called “acknowledgements” not “likes” because sometimes that’s really what i’m doing.

Google informs me that "mensiversary" is the closest to correct, but basically no-one uses it. I like luniversary, so I'm just going to stick with that.

Oh, btw, while I wasn't active on Masto I hit my 6 month HRT....monthaversary? Is there an actual word for anniversary but for months? Luniversary maybe?

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So I got a new phone and forgot to log into Masotdon, how are y'all doing

Working out for the first time in a few weeks, and had to stop to put on a bra because my boobs were bouncing and it hurt too much. I am now officially girl.

I think i might try to play through all the Kingdom Hearts. By the time I'm done 3 should have had a re-release or 4 so I don't have to buy a PS4.

Nothing quite like sparking an extended conversation about short lived 80s cartoon Turbo Teen. I love my friends.

It still feels so weird to up at work in full girl mode and have people use my name. Like, this is just who I am now and no-one has any issue with it.

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*hits a big red button at my gender reveal party*
*all the lights in the room go out, a pure white spotlight shines directly on me*
Much like the light from this spotlight, all genders are part of a near-infinite spectrum. In this talk I intend to teach you about...

Like, DD big. Which is not something I'm likely to reach naturally, and is gonna be a lot to try and get people at work to get used to when I just start wearing them one day.

bought me some smaller breast forms. I currently have 2 pairs, one of which is reasonably sized, but flat-backed so they crush my now very sensitive breast buds, so can't wear them for extended periods of time. The other pair is just far too big for me. Far too big.

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So most of my Spotify listening experience is random playlists they recommend me.

Currently it is playing "Life is a Highway"....." From 'Cars'". Spotify please.

tired: the relief of taking off your bra at the end of a long day
wired: the relief of taking off your tits at the end of a long day

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