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I'm Amber, I'm a trans woman living and working in Dublin, as a software developer for a video game studio that shall remain unnamed.

I run the instance, @ me if you have any thoughts/opinions/concerns/requests about the instance, or have any questions about how the Fediverse do, I'll do my best to help out.

Expect lots of toots about , and my / experience. Also lots and lots of selfies.

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I was just reminded of my birthday by an IRC bot. Good job me.

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・ 。
☆∴。 *
  ・ *゚。   *
  ・ ゚*。・゚★。
   ☆゚・。°*. ゚
*  ゚。·*・。 ゚*
   ゚ *.。☆。★ ・
  * ☆ 。・゚*.。
    * ★ ゚・。 * 。
    ・  ゚☆ 。

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Oh, I may have also accidentally made one of the NPCs from the book gay? Oops?

Highlight of the session, our extremely dumb knight character got some info out of an NPC by...being so incredibly annoying that the guy just gave in and told him everything.

First D&D session went well, it's always nice to DM a new campaign. Here's hoping we can keep up this momentum.

Just ordered a swimsuit. In a few days you will either receive a stream of borderline lewd selfies, or body image issues. Or maybe even both! Place your bets now!

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if y'all favourite my selfies, you legally have to reply telling me how hot I am. I'm sorry, I wish it weren't like this, but it's the law.

I'm definitely reinforcing female gender stereotypes in my gender-affirming actions. But fuck it, I'm a girl, and I'm confident in my newfound femininity. So what if I'm being stereotypical. This is what I need to be happy being me.

I'll fall back into more androgynous habits over time, but rn, this stereotypical shit is what I need.

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I am getting increasingly close to coming out to everyone, which means I can wear fem clothes all the time. Which is good. Unfortunately the whole deal of never getting to wear them amongst other people, means I never put much effort into building up a wardrobe. And I still don't know how to buy clothes.


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y'all please do yourself a favor and read why's poignant guide to ruby

Ay, not said this in a little while. I'm still open to give invites to if anyone wants to live on an instance run by me. I'm a good admin, honest.

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petition to replace "female/male usb/hdmi/etc port" with "top/bottom port"

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