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I'm Amber, I'm a trans woman living and working in Dublin, as a software developer for a video game studio that shall remain unnamed.

I run the instance, @ me if you have any thoughts/opinions/concerns/requests about the instance, or have any questions about how the Fediverse do, I'll do my best to help out.

Expect lots of toots about , and my / experience. Also lots and lots of selfies.

Some day I'll be able to go out in full 'girl mode' without feeling so constantly on edge. Today, however, is not that day.

I mean, I could just go through and remove everything over a certain age, but I'm worried that'll remove my users' avatars, and it's not the neatest way to clean a cache.

It looks like I've got about 6GB of cached avatars stored on my Mastodon instance. This is by far the largest usage of space other than the media cache, does anyone know a good way to trim/prune this similar to the remote media purge? There's no way my instance sees 6GB worth of avatars on a regular basis.

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the reason you need to CW your nudes and porn isn't because someone might be at work. it's because someone might not want to see nudes or porn.

this message has been brought to you by the association of people in favor of content warnings that actually say what the content is.

So assuming I don't chicken out, I'm coming out to a HR person today, and removing the last excuse I've made for myself not coming out to everyone else.

Lend me your energy, friends.

Hey y'all, tank tops are great. That is all.

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It will never stop feeling weird taking off my boobs at the end of the day. I look forward to when I no longer have to do this.

I have good friends. They're nice to be around and make me happy. :blobuwu:

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It's ironic that I have to spend the entire day that I get laser done with stubble. Thanks biology.

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Laser done! Barely even felt it (except for the chin, that was a bitch), went super quick. Face is a little sore, but overall totally fine.

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I still can't believe that Facebook was actually like
"What's that, Tumblr? You've banned female-presenting nipples? How quaint! How weak! How vanilla! You are a little baby, watch THIS:"
*bangs gavel*
*bangs gavel twice*

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I shouldn't need to say this, but if you see a celebrity and disagree with them being here: don't harass them. Don't justify harassing them. Don't go down the slippery slope of "they're famous so it's ok."

We've been through that before and it's not cool, and even resulted in unrelated trans people being harassed for trying to facilitate. Please let's not do that again.

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no matter what community you're on if you need help getting around here it's a good idea to tag your admin(s) or include a screenshot if possible

your community may be using their own customized variants of mastodon or even other software such a pleroma with different features & apps

sometimes when folks from other communities are trying to help you out they might not notice which software or variant your community runs

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