I think i might try to play through all the Kingdom Hearts. By the time I'm done 3 should have had a re-release or 4 so I don't have to buy a PS4.

@moxcheese It still won't have a PC port tho, so I will continue to be sad. :(

@moxcheese The shitpost answer is no, but I'll take, like, Neo Geo games in an emulator as a PC port.

But KH3 is a UE4 game so there's no technical reason it won't come to PC, just political ones. Which means it's time to virtualize a PS4, baybee!
Or maybe an Xbone, whichever turns out to be faster.

@Freyaday considering how long it's likely to take me to play all the KH games up until now, we'll probably have PS5 emulators by then.

@moxcheese I actually have Re:CoM on disk. I never actually beat it and I kinda can't be assed to go back to it. Good luck. Which order you playing in?

@Freyaday o, prob release date? I'm basically just planning on going with the remixes

@moxcheese the remixes are largely different games for the most part, but they're basically better versions of the original—aside from Re:CoM lacking the GBA version's vs mode iirc. Playing in release order will probably get you a nice progression in terms of mechanics or something—there's some fighting to be had about the direction the series took after 2, but you'll get a throughline of some sort anyway.

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