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Already done one of these, but wanna say hi to our new friends.

I'm Amber (she/her), I'm a trans girl, and I frequently forget that social media exists.

I mostly toot about my experiences with transitioning, and post endless near-identical selfies for self-validation, but I'll occasionally engage in shitposting.

I also run the instance, so you'll probably see the occasional admin-focused toot.

Now that I've figured out my upgrade flow for Mastodon, it's surprisingly quick. Bet you didn't even notice we just updated to v2.6.5

Booked in for my first laser appointment on Friday. Patch test didn't hurt much, we'll see how well I cope with a full session...

I'm setting up a Tumblr where I post photos of my chest every day until they start deleting them. That's when I know that I'm truly presenting as female.

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The word teledildonics will never stop being funny to me.

You know. I laughed at the jokes about trans girls with boob pain and over-sensitive nipples, but hot damn, if this is what it's like after barely 2 months, I apologise to all of you.

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Alright, upgraded my Mastodon instance. I really do need to start paying attention to this more >_>

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I was just reminded of my birthday by an IRC bot. Good job me.

Oh, I may have also accidentally made one of the NPCs from the book gay? Oops?

Highlight of the session, our extremely dumb knight character got some info out of an NPC by...being so incredibly annoying that the guy just gave in and told him everything.

First D&D session went well, it's always nice to DM a new campaign. Here's hoping we can keep up this momentum.

Just ordered a swimsuit. In a few days you will either receive a stream of borderline lewd selfies, or body image issues. Or maybe even both! Place your bets now!

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