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Me, literally every day: I need to start sitting up straight, fix that posture.

Also me, 5 minutes later: *slouched as much as a human can physically slouch* Oh no

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I really need to learn how to make lipstick last longer than like, 10 minutes.

New Year, Same Me. Because I'm already amazing.

Also I accidentally found a new me last year and I'm still getting used to her.

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Heading home from Christmas with family (ugh) and New Year with cuddles and love from my very good friends. It's been a pretty wild emotional rollercoaster.

Hot damn am I looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again tho. Imma take up as much space as physically possible and it will be glorious.

Christmas Groundhog Day Man is now teaching himself how to breakdance. I do not know why.

And the main character is infinitely less likeable.

New Christmas movie. It's literally Groundhog Day, but on Christmas.

Holy shit the guy that hooked up with his girl. So they dated in college, they broke up, he never got over it.

Literally the day after they hook up because her long distance boyfriend didn't text her back on Thanksgiving, he proposes to her and she accepts. Because that's how that works.

Oh, this man was also the best friend of the girl that rejected him since childhood. But one rejected kiss and he HATES her.

And then the next morning, the girl that rejected him, found him on the sofa in their lounge, with her sister, just as her new editor shows up (she's a writer...who ghost writes tweets for celebrities?), And dude is immediately INCREDIBLY obnoxious and shitty, because she dared to speak with another man.

Then of course, the movie made that man a new love interest. Because of course.

I am losing my goddamn mind.

Oh my god this Christmas movie keeps getting worse.
Starts early with a man literally responding to two men saying "I'm just respecting her wishes" with a long speech about how that just means you need to prove they should be with you and they need to man up.
And then eventually turned into one of those men hooking up with the girl he was after, the other trying to kiss the girl he wanted, being rejected, and then immediately getting drunk with, and trying to kiss, her sister.

2 more days until I can go back to being Full Girl. Gosh I hate this. I didn't realise how much I took for granted the changes I'd been making at home, even in the spaces where I'm not out, to feel more comfortable in myself.

The immense irony of mentally preparing myself to spend the holidays with family who still think I'm a boy, while Spotify shuffles me into "Man, I Feel Like a Woman".

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Some day I'll be able to go out in full 'girl mode' without feeling so constantly on edge. Today, however, is not that day.

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